Daily Craft Meetings

Ardent advocates and encourages daily, multi-disciplined craft coordination meetings for our widespread workforce. Ardent employs industrial electricians offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, in the San Joaquin Valley north of Bakersfield, in North Dakota, Kentucky, and West Texas and throughout industrial/petrochemical facilities in Los Angeles, Houston, and New Orleans.  

Regardless of the project or mission, Ardent employees are often dependent on the efforts of others to enable electrical and instrumentation work to efficiently commence.  Our clients are dependent on Ardent completing its work in order to commission and start-up facilities or units. 

Ardent supports and champions daily, internal and multi-disciplined craft coordination meetings because they are effective.  They work!  The craft coordination meetings provide the opportunity for all disciplines assigned to the project to discuss tomorrow’s work plans and better enable pipe fitters, electricians, painters and scaffold builders to stay out of one another’s way. 

While both the CPM schedule and the four-week look-ahead accomplish this task with schedule logic and with some foresight, the daily multi-craft coordination meeting accomplishes the same with energy and exactitude. 

Daily multi-disciplined craft coordination meetings cannot replace long-term planning, but they can dramatically improve tomorrow’s productivity.