System Design/ Programming

250x375.jpgArdent offers design and programming services for pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic control systems. Ardent also has technical experience in design and programming for combination pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic control systems.

These systems are either fabricated from in house design or from customer supplied specifications. When designing systems for our customers, Ardent incorporates all aspects of the client facility, customer requirements, and customer preferences.

Ardent stays focused to meet your system needs on schedule and according to approved specifications. Ardent also verifies all systems comply with quality and control requirements.

Ardent’s standard project plan encompasses the following:

  • Review of production drawings and client meeting
  • Development of “Cause & Effect” chart or SAFE chart
  • Panel design using client input and preferences
  • Material orders and enclosure manufacture
  • Shop fabrication
  • Shop testing
  • Client Approval and FAT
  • Documentation

Ardent’s design and fabrication services include CAD drafting, enclosure layout, and programming your PLC. We also maintain the test equipment necessary to perform a full function test of the entire system designed and our fabrication facility is always open to our customers and their inspectors while the project is underway. Ardent is ready and eager to execute your system design and programming project needs.