233x350.jpgArdent's panel fabrication facility is located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our panel fabrication facility serves industrial clients nationwide and overseas.

Ardent's services include meeting with the client's individually to assure that we are familiar with their particular needs and design.

Ardent maintains a close working relationship with our customers to ensure that their project is completed successfully and to their standards.

These are some of the projects we have joined with industrial clients for panel and shop fabrication:

  • Fabrication of power distribution and control racks for remote valve control stations located throughout Louisiana and Texas
  • Design and fabrication of 5KVA junction boxes for a project in Huntington Beach,California
  • Fabrication of PLC Control Panels for a steam plant upgrade in Kern County, California
  • Designand fabrication of PLC based well control panels for the Bakken Shale Region
  • Wiring new motor control center (MCC) doors for various pipeline facility locations throughout North America