Electronic Panels

Electronic panels manufactured by Ardent include SCADA/RTU, as well as various types of PLC logic safety and control panels.


ep1.jpgArdent has fabricated numerous SCADA well control panels for use on remote onshore locations, as well as offshore locations in the Gulf of Mexico.

These units are self-contained, powered by solar panels and designed to be installed on remote oil and gas well facilities where no outside power is available.

The system uses Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for logic sequencing and shutdown control. On a typical well control application, the PLC is programmed to control the wellhead valves and can also adjust the flow of the well.

Remote status and open/close capabilities allow the operator to gather information and control the well either locally through an HMI touch screen or through internet communication from anywhere in the world. All components are rated for use in a hazardous environment and all outside components are type 316 stainless steel designed for use in the hostile, salt-laden offshore environment.



ep2.jpgStandard use for PLC panels is illustrated by our project experience in the Eagle Ford shale region of South Texas. Ardent's expert panel shop technicians fabricated and installed over 20 panels for production facility control and safety shutdown.

Each location required a Master PLC Control Panel, Outdoor Remote I/O Panel, and pneumatic Fusible Loop System. Ardent designed, fabricated and tested the panels, as well as supplied personnel for field installation and commissioning.

The system utilized an Automation Direct PLC, remote terminal servers using RS485 logic and fiber optic communications. The panel included terminations for all field wiring.

An operator interface (HMI) touch screen provides the operator with a view of the entire system and is an available resource for historical data.