Short Service Employees (SSE) & Mentorship


Ardent Management recognizes that all new employees face a period of transition into new surroundings and work processes. It is during this period that new employees are exposed to the greatest risk of personal injury.

To help reduce this risk, Ardent has developed a Short Service Employee (SSE) program. Ardent's SSE program provides safety training in specific subjects within the first 180 days of employment. 

SSEs are identified by the utilization of a decal placed on the SSE's hardhat, thereby increasing the awareness of his or her co-workers that additional safety guidance may be needed or solicited.

SSE personnel will be assigned a mentor by either the site supervisor or safety coordinator and the mentor will guide the SSE through many safety processes and site specific requirements. Mentors are also identified by a prominent hard hat sticker.

SSE personnel are expected to meet all training requirements and demonstrate proficiencies. Site safety coordinators will arrange and coordinate specific training certification and mentors, jobsite staff and co-workers will provide daily guidance.

Ardent promotes the significance of safety in all work practices by communicating the importance of actively participating and demonstrating the capacity to learn and routinely practice all safety training we provide.