Safety Facts & Statistics


Ardent is committed to continuous customer satisfaction by providing the quality of work expected by our clients without jeopardizing the safety of our employees, clients or the environment.

Because of the safety commitment implemented by Ardent's management and employees, we have achieved over 8 years without a lost time incident with over 19 million man-hours completed. Additionally, Ardent maintains a very competitive TRIR, 0.23 for 2014 with over 3 million man-hours worked and a four year average TRIR of 0.31.

At Ardent, we are dedicated to promoting a positive safety culture through the use of our Behavior Based Safety Observation Program which encourages peer intervention and support when "at risk" behaviors are observed.

Ardent's commitment to safety also includes "Stop Work Authority" empowered by the executive management team to all employees when working conditions are unsafe. At Ardent, we believe that all incidents are avoidable and no level of or number of incidents are acceptable.